Case Studies

Bringing a rich company culture to the web

You never would have known that SurveyGizmo had a cape-wearing, robot loving, stuffed animal throwing, customers-are-always-right culture by looking at their website and web application. Learn how I took what I saw in SurveyGizmo’s amazing culture and translated that into their web experience.

Designing an integrated experience for surgical navigation

Have you ever heard the phrase “it’s not brain surgery”? Well, in this case, it is. Learn how I helped MedSupply design a new integrated system for their surgical navigation software that pushes the boundaries of technology in the hospital ecosystem.


Breaking down big data into a simple and scalable system

Over the past decade HealthCo has been slowly building one of the worlds largest databases of healthcare provider information. I worked with HealthCo to help improve the interface and experience of their database admin system.

Making the world of patent litigation searchable

The world of patent litigation is big business. In 2014 alone patent litigation costs for businesses totaled over $12 billion dollars. Learn how I helped RPX design an advanced patent litigation search solution for their clients.



Even more work can be found on my Behance Portolio.