In 2014 alone the cost of patent litigation for companies totaled over $12 BILLION dollars. RPX Corporation is the leading provider of patent risk solutions or in other words, they protect businesses from patent trolls. As such they have developed a deep expertise in their field and are constantly collecting and reviewing patent data.

RPX currently offers their members valuable information, services and consulting to defend against patent litigation. The Client Portal has been an integral tool in that regard. It provides an efficient way to search and consume data found across multiple databases in multiple locations. With it, people can convert what is otherwise simple data into information and knowledge to make better and quicker decisions. 

As a Senior UX Designer at Slice of Lime I worked with RPX to help take an already useful tool and make it easier to use while adding additional features and functionality to extend it's capabilities.

Information architecture for the RPX Client Portal

Working iteratively

Through a series of weekly sprints, we collaborated closely on interface and experience design changes to the RPX Client Portal and search engine. By rapidly iterating on wireframes, I was able to quickly build clickable prototypes that allowed us to test complex concepts. Through several rounds of user interviews and testing I was able to determine which concepts worked and which ones didn't. This enabled the team to stay focused and committed to what was most important and valuable for users.

A scalable framework through design and development

Through research, wireframes and user testing, I was able to design a user interface that provided additional functionality while optimizing the current feature set and search functionality. I also worked closely with Mike Byrd, one of Slice of Lime's top developers, to create a digital style guide and interactive page templates. The design and development work gave RPX the ability to expand their site and offerings in the future. Through the work I was able to support the RPX team and help move their product forward to present to their board of directors. 

RPX Search homepage design

Search results page with hover effect

An example of a litigation detail page

An example of an entity detail page